Catalogo de Recursos Terminologicos Detectados en Espana

Titre : Catalogo de Recursos Terminologicos Detectados en Espana
Auteur :
Éditeur : Editorial CSIC - CSIC Press
ISBN-13 : 8400000595
Libération : 1955

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Mellinkoff s Dictionary of American Legal Usage

Titre : Mellinkoff s Dictionary of American Legal Usage
Auteur : David Mellinkoff
Éditeur : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN-13 : 9781606088234
Libération : 2009-06-24

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This is a dictionary of the language of the law as used in America today. Most of this dictionary is written in ordinary English. Most of the words that lawyers use in writing and talking about the law are the ordinary words that fill the dictionaries of the English language. They have a place in this dictionary when the law gives them a specialized sense; or to emphasize that there is none. Too often an apparent change in sense results not from the law but from bad grammar or redundancy; or from an unsorted host of possible meanings jumbled together and left to the vagaries of interpretation. At the other extreme, individual cases, each walled in by its own distinctive facts and law, may give an immaculately narrowed sense, but neither generalized definition nor standards for the gradation of sense that is the essence of clear usage. A small number of citations to cases of special relevance to word usage are included in this dictionary. The citation count does not measure the indebtedness of this dictionary to old and current sources of American legal usage. The definitions and examples of usage in this dictionary have roots in the law reports of thousands of litigated cases; in law writings formal and informal, profound and trivial; in the talk of lawyers and judges in court and out--the formal and the informal--colloquial and slangy, talk that is precise and talk that is mush; in a long line of dictionaries past and present--law dictionaries, and dictionaries of English and its usage. Drawing from all those sources, the definitions and examples are shaped by more than a half-century of personal immersion in the oral and written language of the law, as law student, practicing lawyer, professor, and writer. And something has been added. This dictionary is designed to sort out the words used in the law, and to identify the different senses in which each is used, and can be used. With cross-reference, it tells how words are related to each other and separated for each other, so that discrimination and choice of usage are possible. Words are grouped together as identical, similar, disparate, departing from or paralleling the usages of ordinary English. Where usage is not uniform, the dictionary comments on what is better, best, and worst. The dictionary concentrates on general legal usage for a profession practicing in the American common law tradition . . . The dictionary does not detail the multitude of other jurisdictional variations, but calls attention to the fact of variation. Although the distinction is often difficult to make, this is a word dictionary, not a short legal encyclopedia. Technicalities in general legal usage are included, but not the intricacies of learning in specialized fields of the law. There is no standard legal pronunciation. Pronunciation is included here when it is unusual, exotic, controversial, or needed to prevent confusion. Pronunciation is rendered in simplified phonetics. American law dictionaries go back to 1839. This one is new and different. --David Mellinkoff, from the Preface

The Council of Europe French English Legal Dictionary

Titre : The Council of Europe French English Legal Dictionary
Auteur : F. H. S. Bridge
Éditeur : Council of Europe
ISBN-13 : 9287124965
Libération : 1994-01-01

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Designed to provide really usable, authentic translations, the new Council of Europe French-English Legal Dictionary is unusually comprehensive both in geographical range (Belgian, Luxembourg & Swiss terms are included) & in subject-matter, giving idiomatic English equivalents of countless terms unobtainable or inaccurately translated elsewhere; non-legal terminology has been rigorously excluded. The result is an incomparable reference work containing some 11 000 entries, clearly set out & easy to consult.

Borrowed Words

Titre : Borrowed Words
Auteur : Philip Durkin
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780199574995
Libération : 2014-01

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This accessible history of how, when, and why English has borrowed words from other languages shows how to discover their origins, when and why they were adopted, and what happens to them later. The history of English shows the effects of contact with languages in many contexts, including range from Latin, Greek, Scandinavian, Celtic, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian, to Hebrew, Maori, Malay, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, and Yiddish. Philip Durkin describes theepisodes as they occurred, from Saxon times to the present, in a book that will appeal to everyone interested in the history of English.

Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting

Titre : Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting
Auteur : Ana D Cleveland
Éditeur : ABC-CLIO
ISBN-13 : 9781610694766
Libération : 2013-07-19

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While the basic tenets of indexing and abstracting remain the same as in previous decades, the evolution of information and communication technology in the 21st century necessarily changes many aspects of the use—and organization—of information in society. This fourth edition of Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting examines the primary tools for organizing information, addressing fundamental concepts such as the nature of information, the organization of information, vocabulary control, types of indexes and abstracts, evaluation of indexing, and the use of the latest technologies. The book presents information in four sections that covers topics in a logical, sequential order: Foundations, Applications, Techniques, and Professional Practice. A unique resource that covers all the areas of indexing and abstracting in the digital information age, this text will benefit practicing librarians and indexers, students of library and information science, and educators in the area of information organization, as well as those considering indexing and abstracting as a career option.

Understanding America

Titre : Understanding America
Auteur : Peter H. Schuck
Éditeur : PublicAffairs
ISBN-13 : 9780786745487
Libération : 2009-04-07

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The idea of an exceptional America remains controversial. In this dazzlingly comprehensive collection of essays, some of the nation's best scholars and thinkers take on the weighty task of sizing up Goliath in a way Americans and others can comprehend. These twenty studies in American exceptionalism provide a solidly researched and in-depth analysis on the current state of our institutions, our values, and our challenges for the future.

Albert Camus

Titre : Albert Camus
Auteur : Catherine Camus
Éditeur : Editions Olms
ISBN-13 : 3283011885
Libération : 2012

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Albert Camus, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, died in a car crash in 1960. He was 46. He left a substantial but unfinished oeuvre of exceptional beauty and power. Writer, journalist, thinker, playwright and producer, Camus was a man of tremendous vitality, a passionate defender of freedom who put his art at the service of human dignity. He fought constantly against oppression and exploitation and set an example that is still worthy today. Using a combination of extracts from his works, photographs and other archive material, some published here for the first time, Camuss daughter Catherine leads us clearly but discreetly through the fascinating life and work of a solitary but universal figure.

Teaching and Researching Lexicography

Titre : Teaching and Researching Lexicography
Auteur : R. R. K. Hartmann
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 0582369770
Libération : 2001

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