Solid Liquid Filtration and Separation Technology

Titre : Solid Liquid Filtration and Separation Technology
Auteur : Albert Rushton
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9783527614967
Libération : 2008-07-11

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A valuable presentation of theoretical and practical information in the area of liquid-solid filtration. The development of theoretical models is highlighted with practical design data and problem-related examples. Modern trends, e.g., membrane systems, are reported together with the fundamental aspects of particulate technology. The increasing interest in pollution control and environmental protection provides an expansive market for this book. Chemical engineers, chemists, physicists, water treatment/sewage engineers, civil engineers and all those concerned with filtration and pollution will find this book of tremendous value and practical use.

How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs

Titre : How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs
Auteur : Lee Hammond
Éditeur : North Light Books
ISBN-13 : 089134635X
Libération : 1995-04-15

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Uses step-by-step instructions and illustrations to teach readers how to draw realistic-looking portraits.

The Ghost of Fossil Glen

Titre : The Ghost of Fossil Glen
Auteur : Cynthia DeFelice
Éditeur : Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
ISBN-13 : 9781429930536
Libération : 2010-03-30

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The Ghost of Fossil Glen gripping ghost story and murder mystery by a popular and highly regarded author. Allie Nichols knows she's being pursued by a ghost. But her friend Karen calls her a liar and doesn't want to hear "stuff like that." It is Allie's old pal Dub who listens eagerly as Allie tells him about a voice that guides her safely down a steep cliff side, the face in her mind's eye of a girl who begs "Help me," and a terrible nightmare in which that girl falls to her death. Who is the girl? Is she the ghost? And what does the ghost want from Allie? As Allie discovers that her role is to avenge a murder, she also learns something about friendship, false and true, in the latest chilling tale from best selling author Cynthia DeFelice.

C Template Metaprogramming

Titre : C Template Metaprogramming
Auteur : David Abrahams
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 9780321623911
Libération : 2004-12-10

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C++ Template Metaprogramming sheds light on the most powerful idioms of today's C++, at long last delivering practical metaprogramming tools and techniques into the hands of the everyday programmer. A metaprogram is a program that generates or manipulates program code. Ever since generic programming was introduced to C++, programmers have discovered myriad "template tricks" for manipulating programs as they are compiled, effectively eliminating the barrier between program and metaprogram. While excitement among C++ experts about these capabilities has reached the community at large, their practical application remains out of reach for most programmers. This book explains what metaprogramming is and how it is best used. It provides the foundation you'll need to use the template metaprogramming effectively in your own work. This book is aimed at any programmer who is comfortable with idioms of the Standard Template Library (STL). C++ power-users will gain a new insight into their existing work and a new fluency in the domain of metaprogramming. Intermediate-level programmers who have learned a few advanced template techniques will see where these tricks fit in the big picture and will gain the conceptual foundation to use them with discipline. Programmers who have caught the scent of metaprogramming, but for whom it is still mysterious, will finally gain a clear understanding of how, when, and why it works. All readers will leave with a new tool of unprecedented power at their disposal—the Boost Metaprogramming Library. Note: CD materials are only available with the print edition.

Practical Animal Husbandry

Titre : Practical Animal Husbandry
Auteur : T. K. Ewer
Éditeur : Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN-13 : 9781483183985
Libération : 2013-10-22

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Practical Animal Husbandry presents a contemporary framework of the main subject divisions of animal husbandry. Chapters are devoted to the discussion of handling of animals; the breeding of domestic livestock; the growth and development of animals; reproduction processes such as egg-laying in poultry, milk production in cows, sheep and goats; the right amount and the right quality of food; confinement and shelter for all types of domesticated livestock; and preventive medicine and animal welfare. Husbandsmen, veterinarians, and livestock producers will find the book highly informative.

Primer for Blacks

Titre : Primer for Blacks
Auteur : Gwendolyn Brooks
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0883780569
Libération : 1991

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Brooks talks to her Black sisters and writes a short statement about the need for Black self-awareness.

The giant black book of computer viruses

Titre : The giant black book of computer viruses
Auteur : Mark Ludwig
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 9781365510939
Libération : 2016-11-05

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In this book you'll learn everything you wanted to know about computer viruses, ranging from the simplest 44-byte virus right on up to viruses for 32-bit Windows, Unix and the Internet. You'll learn how anti-virus programs stalk viruses and what viruses do to evade these digital policemen, including stealth techniques and poly-morphism. Next, you'll take a fascinating trip to the frontiers of science and learn about genetic viruses. Will such viruses take over the world, or will they become the tools of choice for the information warriors of the 21st century? Finally, you'll learn about payloads for viruses, not just destructive code, but also how to use a virus to compromise the security of a computer, and the possibility of beneficial viruses.

Malware Rootkits Botnets A Beginner s Guide

Titre : Malware Rootkits Botnets A Beginner s Guide
Auteur : Christopher C. Elisan
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780071792059
Libération : 2012-09-05

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Security Smarts for the Self-Guided IT Professional Learn how to improve the security posture of your organization and defend against some of the most pervasive network attacks. Malware, Rootkits & Botnets: A Beginner's Guide explains the nature, sophistication, and danger of these risks and offers best practices for thwarting them. After reviewing the current threat landscape, the book describes the entire threat lifecycle, explaining how cybercriminals create, deploy, and manage the malware, rootkits, and botnets under their control. You'll learn proven techniques for identifying and mitigating these malicious attacks. Templates, checklists, and examples give you the hands-on help you need to get started protecting your network right away. Malware, Rootkits & Botnets: A Beginner's Guide features: Lingo--Common security terms defined so that you're in the know on the job IMHO--Frank and relevant opinions based on the author's years of industry experience Budget Note--Tips for getting security technologies and processes into your organization's budget In Actual Practice--Exceptions to the rules of security explained in real-world contexts Your Plan--Customizable checklists you can use on the job now Into Action--Tips on how, why, and when to apply new skills and techniques at work

Advanced C Programming

Titre : Advanced C Programming
Auteur : Paul Kimmel
Éditeur : McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN-13 : 9780072228281
Libération : 2002-09-25

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This advanced resource is ideal for experienced programmers seeking practical solutions to real problems. Discover valuable coding techniques and best practices while learning to master Microsoft’s newest cross-platform programming language. This definitive guide will show you how to expertly apply and integrate C# into your business applications. Create user controls, special effects text, dynamic user interfaces, custom attributes--plus, you’ll also find reliable security and authentication methods.

Intellectuals and Race

Titre : Intellectuals and Race
Auteur : Thomas Sowell
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9780465058709
Libération : 2013-03-12

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Intellectuals and Race is a radical book in the original sense of one that goes to the root of the problem. The role of intellectuals in racial strife is explored in an international context that puts the American experience in a wholly new light. The views of individual intellectuals have spanned the spectrum, but the views of intellectuals as a whole have tended to cluster. Indeed, these views have clustered at one end of the spectrum in the early twentieth century and then clustered at the opposite end of the spectrum in the late twentieth century. Moreover, these radically different views of race in these two eras were held by intellectuals whose views on other issues were very similar in both eras. Intellectuals and Race is not, however, a book about history, even though it has much historical evidence, as well as demographic, geographic, economic and statistical evidence-- all of it directed toward testing the underlying assumptions about race that have prevailed at times among intellectuals in general, and especially intellectuals at the highest levels. Nor is this simply a theoretical exercise. The impact of intellectuals' ideas and crusades on the larger society, both past and present, is the ultimate concern. These ideas and crusades have ranged widely from racial theories of intelligence to eugenics to "social justice" and multiculturalism. In addition to in-depth examinations of these and other issues, Intellectuals and Race explores the incentives, the visions and the rationales that drive intellectuals at the highest levels to conclusions that have often turned out to be counterproductive and even disastrous, not only for particular racial or ethnic groups, but for societies as a whole.