The Bowl of Light

Titre : The Bowl of Light
Auteur : Hank Wesselman
Éditeur : Sounds True
ISBN-13 : 1604074558
Libération : 2011-05-01

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In 1996, a revered Hawaiian elder befriended an American anthropologist, and from their rare and intimate rapport, something miraculous emerged. Through the words and teachings of the kahuna wisdom-keeper Hale Makua, Dr. Hank Wesselman was gifted with an enhanced perspective into the sacred knowledge of ancient Hawaii. Before his passing, elder Makua encouraged Dr. Wesselman to convey much of what had passed between them to the wider world, giving him permission to share his spiritual knowledge. Now, with The Bowl of Light, you are invited to share in the sacred wisdom of one of the world's most powerful indigenous traditions, including: The Bowl of Light—how we can restore our natural divine radiance The three directives of the spiritual warrior—love with humility, live with reverence, and know with self-discipline Rituals for communing with nature, receiving wisdom from the spirit world, purifying our consciousness, and more The Ancestral Grand Plan—exploring the path our ancestors set in motion millennia ago, and how the Plan is playing out across the world today

The Bowl of Light

Titre : The Bowl of Light
Auteur : Hank Wesselman
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1604074302
Libération : 2011

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A paleoanthropologist reveals the teaching he received from a revered Hawaiian shaman, including the three life rules of a spiritual warrior, solemn rituals for communing with nature and purifying the consciousness and how to look at the Grand Plan of one's ancestors. By the co-author of Awakening to the Spirit World. Original.

Bowl of Heaven

Titre : Bowl of Heaven
Auteur : Larry Niven
Éditeur : Titan Books
ISBN-13 : 9781783294336
Libération : 2014-07-25

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When the SunSeeker leaves Earth, bound for the planet called “Glory,” its crew knows they will never see the Earth again. None of them can ever have imagined, however, what they will find along the way. A gargantuan object, with its own star nestled inside. BOWL OF HEAVEN. The bowl-shaped structure is following the same path as the SunSeeker, and it has a habitable area the size of millions of Earths. A landing party is sent to the surface, where they encounter some of the structure's inhabitants—wildly differing species, and not all of them friendly.

Bowl of Cherries

Titre : Bowl of Cherries
Auteur : Millard Kaufman
Éditeur : Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 1555848931
Libération : 2008-10-14

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The brilliant creation of ninety-year-old debut novelist Millard Kaufman, co-creator of Mr. Magoo and twice-nominated for Academy Awards for screenwriting, Bowl of Cherries rivals the liveliest comic epics for giddy wordplay and gleeful invention. Kicked out of Yale at the age of fourteen, Judd Breslau falls in with Phillips Chatterton, a bathrobe-wearing Egyptologist working out of a dilapidated home laboratory. Entranced by Chatterton's daughter, Valerie, Breslau abandons his studies and decides to move in with the eccentric scientist and assist with research. But the work is not what Judd had thought and, mesmerized by Valerie, Breslau follows her to a number of strange locales—a secret attic in her father's home, a Colorado equestrian ranch, and a porn studio beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Judd ultimately makes his way to the forlorn Iraqi province of Assama, ending up in a jail cell from which he narrates the novel, awaiting his execution while war rages on around him.Kaufman's debut is a book of astounding breadth and sharp consequences, containing all the joy, madness, terror, and doubt of adolescence and everything after.

The Tale of Despereaux

Titre : The Tale of Despereaux
Auteur : Kate DiCamillo
Éditeur : Candlewick Press
ISBN-13 : 9780763649432
Libération : 2009-09-08

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The adventures of Desperaux Tilling, a small mouse of unusual talents, the princess that he loves, the servant girl who longs to be a princess, and a devious rat determined to bring them all to ruin.

Tales from the Night Rainbow

Titre : Tales from the Night Rainbow
Auteur : Koko Willis
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0962803006
Libération : 2005-01-01

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Koko Willis A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Tales from the Night Rainbow Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Spirit Medicine

Titre : Spirit Medicine
Auteur : Hank Wesselman
Éditeur : Hay House Incorporated
ISBN-13 : 140190291X
Libération : 2004

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A cross-cultural consideration of illness, healing, and health care from the ancient wisdom of the traditional peoples, accompanied by an experiential CD of shamanic drumming and rattling to be used with specific exercises and meditations.

The Light of the World

Titre : The Light of the World
Auteur : Elizabeth Alexander
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9781455599851
Libération : 2015-04-21

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"PULITZER PRIZE IN LETTERS: BIOGRAPHY FINALIST""NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRLE AWARDS AUTOBIOGRAPHY FINALIST" New York Times BestsellerFirst Lady Michelle Obama's Favorite Book of 2015A New Yorker, NPR, Boston Globe, Publisher's Weekly, Newsday, Library Journal,, Shelf Awareness, The Root, and St. Louis Dispact Best Book of 2015 PickNew York Times Book Review Editor's ChoiceAn Amazon's Best Book of the Month, April 2015IndieBound Indie Next #1 Pick, May 2015 A deeply resonant memoir for anyone who has loved and lost, from acclaimed poet and Pulitzer Prize finalist Elizabeth Alexander. In THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, Elizabeth Alexander finds herself at an existential crossroads after the sudden death of her husband. Channeling her poetic sensibilities into a rich, lucid price, Alexander tells a love story that is, itself, a story of loss. As she reflects on the beauty of her married life, the trauma resulting from her husband's death, and the solace found in caring for her two teenage sons, Alexander universalizes a very personal quest for meaning and acceptance in the wake of loss. THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD is at once an endlessly compelling memoir and a deeply felt meditation on the blessings of love, family, art, and community. It is also a lyrical celebration of a life well-lived and a paean to the priceless gift of human companionship. For those who have loved and lost, or for anyone who cares what matters most, THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD is required reading.


Titre : Shipstar
Auteur : Larry Niven
Éditeur : Titan Books
ISBN-13 : 9781783294350
Libération : 2015-01-02

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When a landing party is sent to find out why, the Shipstar is on the same trajectory as a human party, half of the group is captured, the other half must go on the run from the bizarre inhabitants. The free group must find a way off of the object and back to their vessel. In the course of their attempt, however, they will uncover the secrets of the Shipstar—secrets that will forever upend their understanding of the universe, and mankind's place in it.

The Council of Light

Titre : The Council of Light
Auteur : Danielle Rama Hoffman
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781591438342
Libération : 2013-09-20

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Galactic teachings and practices to raise your vibrational energy and create a life of joy, abundance, and ease • Provides direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council of Light to activate the 10 Rays of Light • Reveals that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want • Includes guided journeys and exercises to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and purpose and to form a direct connection with the Council of Light Through her advanced spiritual work with Thoth, Danielle Rama Hoffman was introduced to the Council of Light--an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings from across the Multiverse. Their purpose is to support individuals as they shift into unity consciousness and return to their natural state of joy. The Council transmitted the teachings in this book for those seeking to accelerate their journey toward health, wealth, happiness, and their soul’s deepest desires. The Council’s teachings reveal that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want. These direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council include activations for the 10 Rays of Light, guided journeys and meditations, and written, spoken, energetic, and breathwork exercises to creatively turn your debt into wealth, transfigure your food into light for better health and well-being, enhance your abilities for interdimensional travel, and return to your natural inner state of joy. The Council explains how each Ray of Light has a specific vibration and application and can assist in removing any blocks to achieving your soul’s purpose. The Emerald Ray, for example, activates the signature energy of your authentic and full self, and the Venus Ray, the Ray of Opulent Bliss, supports alignment with abundance and prosperity. Offering an opportunity to form a direct connection with the Council of Light, this book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way.