Les Enfants de la R sistance Tome 2 Premi res r pressions

Titre : Les Enfants de la R sistance Tome 2 Premi res r pressions
Auteur : Dugomier
Éditeur : Le Lombard
ISBN-13 : 9782803653485
Libération : 2016-03-18T00:00:00+01:00

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Grâce à l'impact de leurs actions, François, Eusèbe et Lisa ne sont plus les seuls à se rebeller contre l'occupant allemand ; des adultes entrent aussi à présent en résistance, notamment le maire, le curé et les parents d'Eusèbe et François. Tout en gardant leur anonymat, les jeunes résistants font à nouveau preuve d'un culot extraordinaire en faisant le lien entre adultes pour organiser un système de passage de prisonniers français évadés vers la zone libre. En parallèle, les Allemands renforcent leur surveillance et n'hésitent pas à recourir à la violence voire au meurtre. Nos héros sont directement confrontés à la mort et au racisme. Dans une France de plus en plus divisée, de petits grains de sable isolés parviendront-ils à enrayer la machine nazie ?

Livre Noir Du Communisme

Titre : Livre Noir Du Communisme
Auteur : Stéphane Courtois
Éditeur : Harvard University Press
ISBN-13 : 0674076087
Libération : 1999

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Collects and analyzes seventy years of communist crimes that offer details on Kim Sung's Korea, Vietnam under "Uncle Ho," and Cuba under Castro.

Children of the Jacaranda Tree

Titre : Children of the Jacaranda Tree
Auteur : Sahar Delijani
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781476709116
Libération : 2013-06-18

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New York Times bestselling author Khaled Hosseini says, “Set in post-revolutionary Iran, Sahar Delijani’s gripping novel is a blistering indictment of tyranny, a poignant tribute to those who bear the scars of it, and a celebration of the human heart’s eternal yearning for freedom.” Neda is born in Iran’s Evin Prison, where her mother is allowed to nurse her for a few months before an anonymous guard appears at the cell door one day and simply takes her away. In another part of the city, three-year-old Omid witnesses the arrests of his political activist parents from his perch at their kitchen table, yogurt dripping from his fingertips. More than twenty years after the violent, bloody purge that took place inside Tehran’s prisons, Sheida learns that her father was one of those executed, that the silent void firmly planted between her and her mother all these years was not just the sad loss that comes with death but the anguish and the horror of murder. These are the Children of the Jacaranda Tree. Set in post-revolutionary Iran from 1983 to 2011, this stunning debut novel follows a group of mothers, fathers, children, and lovers, some related by blood, others brought together by the tide of history that washes over their lives. Finally, years later, it is the next generation that is left with the burden of the past and their country’s tenuous future as a new wave of protest and political strife begins. “Heartbreakingly heroic” (Publishers Weekly), Children of the Jacaranda Tree is an evocative portrait of three generations of men and women inspired by love and poetry, burning with idealism, chasing dreams of justice and freedom. Written in Sahar Delijani’s spellbinding prose, capturing the intimate side of revolution in a country where the weight of history is all around, it is a moving tribute to anyone who has ever answered its call.

Discipline Punish

Titre : Discipline Punish
Auteur : Michel Foucault
Éditeur : Vintage
ISBN-13 : 9780307819291
Libération : 2012-04-18

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In this brilliant work, the most influential philosopher since Sartre suggests that such vaunted reforms as the abolition of torture and the emergence of the modern penitentiary have merely shifted the focus of punishment from the prisoner's body to his soul.

Fools Crow

Titre : Fools Crow
Auteur : James Welch
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 1440673063
Libération : 1987-11-03

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The 25th-anniversary edition of "a novel that in the sweep and inevitability of its events...is a major contribution to Native American literature." (Wallace Stegner) In the Two Medicine Territory of Montana, the Lone Eaters, a small band of Blackfeet Indians, are living their immemorial life. The men hunt and mount the occasional horse-taking raid or war party against the enemy Crow. The women tan the hides, sew the beadwork, and raise the children. But the year is 1870, and the whites are moving into their land. Fools Crow, a young warrior and medicine man, has seen the future and knows that the newcomers will punish resistance with swift retribution. First published to broad acclaim in 1986, Fools Crow is James Welch's stunningly evocative portrait of his people's bygone way of life. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Winter of the World

Titre : Winter of the World
Auteur : Ken Follett
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9781101591437
Libération : 2012-09-18

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"This book is truly epic. . . . The reader will probably wish there was a thousand more pages." —The Huffington Post Picking up where Fall of Giants, the first novel in the extraordinary Century Trilogy, left off, Winter of the World follows its five interrelated families—American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh—through a time of enormous social, political, and economic turmoil, beginning with the rise of the Third Reich, through the great dramas of World War II, and into the beginning of the long Cold War. Carla von Ulrich, born of German and English parents, finds her life engulfed by the Nazi tide until daring to commit a deed of great courage and heartbreak . . . . American brothers Woody and Chuck Dewar, each with a secret, take separate paths to momentous events, one in Washington, the other in the bloody jungles of the Pacific . . . . English student Lloyd Williams discovers in the crucible of the Spanish Civil War that he must fight Communism just as hard as Fascism . . . . Daisy Peshkov, a driven social climber, cares only for popularity and the fast set until war transforms her life, while her cousin Volodya carves out a position in Soviet intelligence that will affect not only this war but also the war to come.

Les D port s en Is re Tome I

Titre : Les D port s en Is re Tome I
Auteur : Karin Dupinay-Bedford
Éditeur : Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN-13 : 9782296256422
Libération : 2010-03-01

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En mai et juin 1945, les Isérois survivants des camps de la mort arrivent à Grenoble. Un an après, ils attendent toujours reconnaissance, écoute et compréhension au regard des souffrances endurées au nom de la patrie, alors que les Isérois se sont détournés de la logique de guerre. De cette dichotomie naissent l'incompréhension et la nécessité pour les survivants de créer des groupes associatifs dans le but d'obtenir statuts spécifiques et prises en charge par la nation...

Gouge Away

Titre : Gouge Away
Auteur : Warren Ellis
Éditeur : Titan Books (UK)
ISBN-13 : 184023394X
Libération : 2002

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Disgusted at the commercialization of his life and his work, journalist Spider Jerusalem decides to go after a real story, and get revenge on those responsible for killing Dr. Vita Severn in the process.


Titre : Silbermann
Auteur : Jacques de Lacretelle
Éditeur : Helen Marx Books
ISBN-13 : 1885586566
Libération : 2004

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|In this tautly brilliant novel, Jacques De Lacretelle recounts the story of a Parisian schoolboy belonging to a protestant bourgeois family who, though fascinated by the intelligence and ardour of a Jewish fellow schoolmate, bows to the prejudices of this milieu and finally betrays his chosen friend.| - Bernard Minoret

Vercors 1944

Titre : Vercors 1944
Auteur : Peter Lieb
Éditeur : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781780961163
Libération : 2012-12-20

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Fighting insurgents has always been one of the greatest challenges for regular armed forces during the 20th century. The war between the Germans and the French resistance, also called FFI (Forces Françaises d'Intérieur), during World War II has remained a near-forgotten chapter in the history of these 'Small Wars'. This is all the more astonishing as agencies like the British SOE (Special Operations Executive) and the American OSS (Office of Strategic Services) pumped a good amount of their resources into the support of the French resistance movement. By diversionary attacks on German forces in the occupied hinterland the Allies hoped the FFI could provide assistance in disrupting German supply lines as well as crumbling their morale. The mountain plateau of the Vercors south-west of Grenoble was the main stronghold of the FFI, and in July 1944 some 8,000 German soldiers mounted an operation on the plateau and destroyed the insurgent groups there. The battle of the Vercors was the largest operation against the FFI during World War II and the German's suit and crushing victory has caused traumatic memories for the French that persist to the present day.